For 2021 there is a new loyalty program, to go along side the classic points rewards!
How it work?
-Every order will receive a special freebie with a little bow stickers, it will change every 2 months,
-If by the end of the year, you've collect all 6 different bows you will receive 10€ to spend on my shop!
*You MUST collect all the different bows!*
When you have all the different bow send me an email at :
with a photo of your completed die cut!
i will send you a coupon code of 10€, it will be valid trought the end of 2022 :)
Here's the die cut
MARCH - APRIL freebie
MAY - JUNE freebie
If you have any question send me an email at : alittledreamshopmb@gmail.com
or DM on instagram @alittledreamshop_mb
Hope you are excited!
xoxo Marika